Post-Tender Quantity Surveying

Our range of post-tender QS services includes:

a) Progress of work and variation claim assessment and recommendation

The building site will be handed over to the builder (the successful tenderer) for the construction period. The builder then submits numerous progress claims until the penultimate claim, which is usually at Practical Completion. Osborne+Songcan provide progress claim assessments and recommendations as well as assessments of and recommendations as to the variations claims (works outside the original contract scope due to latent conditions or client changes).

b) Chart tracking value of work completed against value of work planned

Osborne+Song can provide a chart to track the progress of work on site against the programmed ‘S’ curve based on value of work done. We can analyse the chart and recommend actions to be put in place so that the programmed schedule and budget requirements are achieved.

c) Report on change in contract value, change in project milestones and cost to complete

When variations occur, the change in scope of works will usually result in a change in the contract value and project completion dates. Osborne+Song will report on these changes as well as the Cost to Complete taking into consideration changes in the scope.

d) Final accounts and penultimate claim assessment and recommendation

Upon reaching practical completion, Osborne+Song will prepare the final accounts. This is where the builder’s claims including variations are considered, assessed and recommendation made to the client in the form of the penultimate claim to the developer for payment to the builder. A retention or bank guarantee to the agreed value will be held for the defects liability period.

e) Recommend release of retention and preparation and final claim for payment by client

Upon reaching the end of the defects liability period, Osborne+Song will seek assurance from the developer and architect that all defects have been rectified before preparing and final claim to release the retention or bank guarantee.

f) Life cost cycle maintenance program and draw downs for future work expenses

Cost of maintaining the facility during use is a major cost. Osborne+Song offers life-cycle costings and draw-down schedules for the maintenance of the facility as well as the replacement of wear and tear elements like carpets, appliances etc.