Tender Quantity Surveying

Our range of tender QS services includes:

a) Bills of Quantities or Builders’ Bills of Quantities (Trade Format)

For tendering, the client might or might not want a Bill of Quantities to be included as part of the tender documents. The Bill of Quantities is a trade-based document that provides the tenderers with a list of tasks with quantities for the purpose of providing a common scope for submission of tenders. Osborne+Song can measure the Bills of Quantities to the Australian Method of Measurement to be included as part of the tender document or an abbreviated format known as a Builder’sBill of Quantities to be included as a guide only. Where the tender documents do not contain either, the tenderers will form a consortium to commission these Bills.

b) Tender Appraisal, Assessment, Evaluation and Recommendation

Osborne+Song will initially perform a tender appraisal. This looks at the tender price. The tenders are put into a matrix against Osborne+Song’s pre-tender estimate and a maximum of three tenderers will move into the the assessment stage based on their price, inclusions and qualifications.

In the assessment stage, Osborne+Song performs the required due diligence checks including but not limited to checks with NSW Fair Trading regarding currency of the contractor license, submitted complaints if any, the currency and cover of all insurances and workers’ compensation.

The remaining tenderers then move into the evaluation stage. Osborne+Song will assess the capacity of the tenderer to satisfactorily complete the construction of the planned development. We will ask for the organisation chart as well as the details staff assigned to the project. We will check the company’s history and recommendations for completing the required work.